Ecological economics and natural capital

cropped-pa120136.jpgGreat blog from The Irish Forum on Natural Capital:

“The concept of natural capital owes much of its intellectual history to the field of Ecological Economics. Clifford Guest, lecturer in sustainable development at Limerick Institute of Technology (Tipperary), explores the fundamental differences between ecological and neoclassical economics.”

Keep adding to your tool box


Here at Wild Economics we are constantly on the look-out for new and interesting ideas and methods that can be used to conserve and enhance biodiversity, socio-ecological systems and ecosystem services. There are plenty of free, open source and online courses out there so we have kept our eyes peeled for you! Here is a couple to sign up for over the next month.

From the Natural Capital Project via StandfordEdx there is the Intorduction to the Natural Capital Approach.

Also the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Focuses on Disasters and Ecosystems: Resillience in a changing climate.

See you there!

Opensource Software- Tools

We act as an open source platform to share project ideas and resources. We want to share with you useful links, tools, journals, papers and blogs that inspire and inform us. We’re always open to further suggestions…

We’re currently looking out for free opensource software/ tools to make a coherent list for people doing their own ecosystem service analysis. Can you add to our list?

Email us with your suggestions!

The Natural Capital Project

Just finished a week long training course on mapping ecosystem services with The Natural Capital Project. Sounds like there is a lot of people doing some great stuff in the world of ecosystem services. Check out their website: